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Tower22 is a horror survival game. The story takes place in an old soviet style building. There's everything here a person needs: food, entertainment, schools, anything you want. There's no reason why you would ever have to leave. You play the caretaker of the building. Your job is to repair what's broken and clean up what's messy. You never see the other tenants. But you know they're there. The trash cans fill up and the occasional litter is found on the floors. You never see who's doing it. Maybe all the tenants are just night people and you keep missing them. Yeah, that must be it. It's easy work taking care of the place, though lonely. Still, you're only supposed to be in your restricted area.

There are strange sounds at night outside the restricted area. You call your boss to ask him about them, but he never seems to give you an answer. He tells you not to worry about it. If he's not worried, maybe you shouldn't be. You don't remember ever meeting your boss in person, but he seems pleasant enough. Still, maybe you should just take a peek. What's the worst that could happen?

If you do take a peek, you'll find things that just aren't right. Some of your paths will be blocked, but if you're clever enough at solving puzzles, you might be able to get past them and on to the rest of the building. Be careful though. Some things can't be unseen.

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