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1. Environment Concept Artist
* Mainly you'll be drawing environments varying from old flat corridors & apartments, to bizarre, dreamish/nightmarish spaces in the building.
* Able to make quick sketches to get the ideas rolling
* Able to draw photo realistic drawings suitable for posters or input for the 3D modelers.
* Affinity with (Soviet) architecture
* Affinity with horror

2. 3D Modeler
* Mainly you'll be modeling environments(maps) varying from old flat corridors & apartments, to bizarre dreamish/nightmarish spaces in the building.
* Able to make detailed, game suitable geometry
* Able to make additional objects (furniture, decorations, devices, et cetera)
* Being able to draw the required textures as well is a big plus
* Familiar with modern (shading) technologies

3. 2D Texture artist
* Mainly you'll be drawing textures that are required for the environments. For example, wallpapers, concrete, tile floors. But also textures for objects, or effect textures (sprites, particles, skyboxes, et cetera).
* Knows how to make high resolution, photo realistic textures
* Knows how to make additional images such as normal/height/specularMaps
* Familiar with modern (shading) technologies

4. GUI Designer
* Creation of fonts, inventories, mouse cursors, screens, et cetera. Also ingame (computer) screens and puzzle interfaces in a later stadium. Possibly your hand is also needed at the website later on.
* Masters the pencil
* Knows how to make (short sprite) animations as well.
* Familiar with the horror genre, to draw things “in style”
* Start date: April…June 2012

5. Animator
* Animating the (human) player character with realistic, natural moves. But also making unnatural animations for the “less human” monstrous characters.
* Joints, skeletons, weights, morphing… all common stuff for you.
* Familiar with modern game-animation technologies.
* Knows how to create realistic, natural movement
* Uses his fantasy to create unnatural movement as well.
* Start date: April…June 2012

More info about the game(story):
Game Story Page
Tower22 is an unpaid project so far, done in our spare time. Sorry, but no expensive cars and fame (yet). I also believe it’s possible to create a great game without a billion budget, just as long there is love and motivation on it. Nice and well, but what can we offer then?
- Working on a game with potential, together with other talented people
- Making demo movies & screenshots you can use for your own portfolio
- Project in development for two years (technology more than four years), which at least guarantees our motivation.
- Technology far from finished, but provides the tools so we can actually produce something.
- Hopefully a fun & educating time!

Time commitment:
Since Tower22 is unpaid, you’ll be working, freelancing and/or studying probably, which makes it difficult to demand a fixed amount of hours each week. We are pretty flexible with that. Nevertheless, we take our project serious. Reliability is a key factor for teamwork, so please only respond if you have enough spare time to work on a somewhat continuous basis.

1.- Ensemble a team big, motivated and skilled enough
2.- In the meanwhile, finish the final plans for the game (mainly concept art and making plans for the maps), and to develop the engine further.
3.- In the meanwhile also, make more demo movie(s) to sharpen the skills & have something to show.
4.- Start on the actual game
5.- On the longer term, eventually find investors (if needed).

Contact & Selection:
Contact Rick through the contact page.
- Please include a portfolio link to show your work
- If possible, include one or more shots in horror or Soviet style. This makes it easier to mirror your work on what we desire.
- At times, quite a lot people send offer their help (thanks!). Therefore it can take a short while before we reply, plus we like to have a look at all offers before mailing back with a final answer.

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